The High Pressure Resin Injection is the final stage of the repair.

The final step leading to a permanently dry crack is the injection of top quality Polyurethane Resin. A single component, hydrophobic

polyurethane injection resin designed for sealing leaks through cracks, rock pockets, expansion and control joints in concrete structures is introduced to the crack at approx. 1000 psi.

This resin and accelerator mixture reacts when it comes in contact with water and forms a micro cellular closed cell gasket with excellent adhesion and long-term flexibility. The flexibility factor is of the utmost importance as the Canadian climate is subject to very extreme freeze/thaw cycles which leads to constant movement in concrete structures and foundations. The cured hydrophobic compression gasket that is formed in the joint or crack remains stable and is highly resistant to degradation resulting from repeated freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.