The application of a hydraulic cement barrier over the face of the entire crack is the next step.

 Like "Flushing", the "Cementing" is unfortunately another important step that can often be disregarded by other companies because of the cost factor for hydraulic cement and the sheer time it takes to mix and apply it properly.

At Pro-Leak Solutions, we apply a 1" to 1.5" thick layer of hydraulic cement along the entire crack and feather it out approx. 2" on either side. A misconception is that this cement layer aids in preventing water from re-entering the doesn't. The sole purpose of this very important step is to provide "resistance" on the interior wall.

Due to the high pressures at the Injection stage, it is ideal to have some sort of a resistance barrier inside that acts similar to the forces exerted by the earth on the exterior of the foundation. This in turn, creates a "sandwich" effect allowing the Resin to be pressurized throughout the entire length of the crack and through the 8' thickness of the concrete foundation.