Pro-Leak Solutions for Realtors!

At Pro-Leak Solutions, we know the last thing that Realtors want is to have a deal fall through because of a deficiency found by a potential buyer or from a professional home inspector.

As a Real Estate agent I often come across cracks in basement foundations... I have passed Jody’s name on to other Realtors, as the work he does is excellent. For any leaks in basement foundations I would highly recommend Jody Walker of Pro-Leak Solutions.
— Sharon Montgomery - Oakville, ON - Royal LePage Real Estate Services

The "Pro-Leak Solution" is the perfect answer to your client's leaking basement. From experience, we've found basement leaks to be a very frequently occurring problem upon home inspection. It starts with a home inspector pointing out the deficiency to their client (the buyer) and that information is brought to the attention of you and your client (the seller) with the expectations of a price concession in the THOUSANDS to be made or there is no deal.

The simple truth of the matter is that if the property you are featuring, residential or commercial, has a poured concrete foundation that is leaking, it can be fixed at a FRACTION of the price that the buyers typically try to negotiate off the listing price.

Why Pro-Leak is the smart choice for Realtors:

  • The advanced methods and materials used in the repair alleviate the need to resort to traditional repair techniques that require digging up the outside of the listed property. We know the LAST thing you want, is to try and sell a property that has all of the yard torn up...that is a big red flag for any potential buyers coming by.
  • Outside repair methods are sometimes not an option because of the sheer cost of removing and replacing expensive landscaping, patterned concrete/interlocking walkways (which take a year to replace if done properly as the earth needs to settle), decks, air conditioners, etc.
  • A representative from Pro-Leak Solutions meets at a time convenient with you and/or your client to inspect and clearly explain the dynamics of why the crack has occurred and is leaking and why our method of repair works permanently.
  • A uniformed and "fully insured" representative shows up on site and on time to repair the problem. A standard wall crack can be repaired in a couple of hours from the inside, with no mess and no smell as opposed to a repair on the exterior that could take a few days and leave obvious signs of a problem.
  • At job completion, the home owner is handed a written receipt, which in turn is their "Lifetime Transferable Warranty". The prior deficiency now gets a green light from the inspector and the warranty can be passed to the new home owner, giving a sense of comfort knowing the property is protected for anyone that lives there.

Clean, simple and cost effective, that's how the "Pro-Leak Solution" works!