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We'll fix your leaking basement with no digging and no mess!

Polyurethane FLEX F1000

A single component, hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin designed for sealing leaks through cracks, rock pockets, expansion and control joints in concrete structures. This resin and accelerator mixture reacts when it comes in contact with water and forms a micro cellular closed cell gasket with excellent adhesion and long-term flexibility.

The cured hydrophobic compression gasket that is formed in the joint or crack remains stable and is highly resistant to degradation resulting from repeated freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.



SAFE – Tested and classified by UL in accordance with Standard ANSI/NSF 61 for contact with potable water. 100% solids and harmless to the environment. Adjustable Accelerator Dosage – Controlling the accelerator dosage on site allows the applicator to react to a variety of changing conditions.

STABLE – Cured resin withstands thermal expansion/contraction, wet/dry cycles, freeze/thaw cycles and crack movement without degradation.

CHEMICALLY RESISTANT – Essentially unaffected by corrosive environments. Excellent resistance to fungi, gases and chemicals typically found in soil and standard commercial structures. Resistant against biological attack.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD – FlexF1000has been successfully used for over 14 years in North America and remains the product of choice by engineers, owners and specialty concrete restoration contractors.

APPLICATOR FRIENDLY – No unpleasant odors and FlexF1000is easily injected using single component injection equipment. Industrial, Commercial and Residential Poured Concrete Foundations.

Recommended For:

Sealing leaking cracks and joints in concrete structures such as:

  • Parking Garages
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Dams and Powerhouses
  • Tunnels (Subways and Highways)
  • Elevators and Service Pits
  • Canals
  • Swimming Pools
  • Underground Utilities

Municipal Services

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Processing Plants
  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Poured Concrete Foundations.


SPECTON FLEXF1000– Uncured Resin

Appearance Yellow Liquid
Viscosity at 25˚C ASTMD-4878-98 600 cps ±100
Density at 25˚C ASTMD-789-98 1.065
Flashpoint ASTMD-1310-86 >150˚C

SPECTON FLEXF1000– Uncured Accelerator

Appearance Dark Grey Clear Liquid
Viscosity at 25˚C ASTMD-4878-98 10 cps ±3
Density at 25˚C ASTMD-789-98 0.995
Flashpoint ASTMD-1310-86 >150˚C


Hardness ASTMD-2240-00 37 Shore A
Tensile Strength ASTMD-1623-78 1.1 MPa
Elongation >250%
Toxicity Non Toxic